PS4 free games refused by Minecraft creator

By Alan Ng - Nov 30, 2013

We have something interesting to tell you now, especially for fans of popular building sim Minecraft. The PS4 has just launched in Europe of course and one big fan of the new console is Minecraft creator Notch aka Markus Persson.

In a wonderful advert for social media, Minecraft Notch decided to let his Twitter followers know that he has just purchased a PS4 and intends to spend the weekend playing some games. Almost unsurprisingly, this information soon reached Sony and specifically their developer relations specialist Adam Boyes.

Mr Boyes offered the chance for the Minecraft creator to score some free games – naturally. After all, Notch will personally be responsible for the PS4 version of Minecraft when it eventually lands on the system.

To everyone’s surprise though, Notch politely turned down the request, for pleasing reasons – here is what he said to Adam Boyes in a fantastic Twitter exchange:

As big a figure that Notch is in the gaming world, it’s refreshing to see that he is just an honest gamer at heart like the rest of us. He could easily have scored all of Sony’s PS4 library for free we’re guessing, but it isn’t needed on this occasion – how many other developers would turn down this request?

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  • Ame Ookami

    Nice. Glad he is not using his power of minecraft to get a free ride on ps4. Big picture it does not really matter to sony or him if his games are free or not even if he got them all it would cost at most few hundred which is nothing much to sony or him.

  • William Bartholomy

    how about ps4 minecraft? where is that hiding?

  • seeafish

    A multi millionaire turned down a couple of free games? Respect!