Pokemon X & Y Battle Analyzer 1.0 causing mass anger

By Alan Ng - Nov 30, 2013

We have a word of warning for all Pokemon X and Y players now. Online battles are becoming very popular in the game after the main story completion. Unfortunately though, a program known as the Pokemon X and Y Battle Analyzer 1.0 download is threatening to ruin online battles completely.

This program is a PC application which essentially allows users to cheat their way through Pokemon X and Y online battles. The program is able to identify which Pokemon an opponent is using, which then obviously allows them to gain an upper hand in the battle by selecting Pokemon that are the opposing type for an easy win.

The app can also even detect which moves an opponent’s Pokemon is about to use, allowing the Battle Analyzer user to counter-attack appropriately and gain an advantage. It goes without saying that this takes all of the fun out of online battles in Pokemon X and Y, so hopefully Nintendo are monitoring the situation.

Once Game Freak find out about this, they are likely going to be disgusted as we’re sure most of the legit users are in reading about this. It seems like a minor issue now, but let us know if you have spotted some unusual activity during your online battles.

Have you fought anyone who could be using this program?

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  • bob

    and you just told everyone about it.

    • jayne

      The news of this broke a few days ago (if you read the right places).
      The worry is the app was made in an attempt to create super pokemon, thankfuly at the moment code cannot injected due to incryption.