GTA V PC anxiety after mobile focus

Rockstar as a developer really knows how to tease their fans. We can’t think of one game other than GTA V where a PC version of it was in so much demand. Obviously we had the same story with GTA IV on PC, but the GTA V PC release date wait really seems to be in another league at the moment.

Unfortunately though, Rockstar continues to bide their time and are unwilling to give the community what they want. Two outstanding factors on the game remain in complete silence – number one is the PC release date and number two is the GTA V Heists release date as well.

It almost seems slightly cruel for Rockstar to keep us waiting this long without just a hint of real information to keep everyone happy. We’re sure that the ‘coming soon’ messages are starting to get a bit tedious with some of you now, when one small confirmation could put a lot of faith back into Rockstar after the well documented GTA V online problems.

This week, we have seen Rockstar make one big announcement though. It isn’t the PC version of GTA V however, it is a mobile version of GTA San Andreas instead. Sure this is fantastic news for those that love gaming on a tablet, but is this what Rockstar has been devoting their time towards?


You can head to the Newswire to see the full announcement on GTA San Andreas for mobile. It will be available sometime in December, but we really hope that either a PC announcement or GTA V for PS4, Xbox One will be announced in December as well.

What is your reaction to the prolonged delay for the PC version of GTA V, especially if they have been focusing on mobile versions of previous GTA games? At the very least, it would have been nice to see San Andreas remade for the PS Vita as well.



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