Sony PS4 UK launch wins Microsoft praise

By Alan Ng - Nov 29, 2013

We have some surprising news to bring you now, as EU gamers look forward to their very first PS4 weekend after picking up their consoles today. As Sony prepare to await the crucial first day PS4 sales in UK and rest of Europe, the company has gained an unlikely supporter.

That supporter is none other than Microsoft believe it or not. Specifically, the UK arm of the company, as the official Microsoft UK team has sent out a message on Twitter, congratulating their rivals on their European launch – adding the message ‘It’s a great time to be a gamer’.

It’s a great touch we feel, albeit a surprising one given the fierce rivalry between the two companies in the past. You can see an image of the message they sent to Sony above, using the same theme that was used to market the Xbox One packaging.

What is your reaction to this – are you pleasantly surprised with the message of goodwill? We couldn’t agree more, it really is a great time to be a gamer. Leave your thoughts below.

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  • DNACowboy

    Sportsmanship= brits

  • Jason Graham

    Great show of sportsmanship!