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PS4 UI features in 9 minutes

For those of you that are still waiting until 2014 to pick up your PS4, we have a little treat to show you what will be waiting for you when the time is finally right. The PS4 has finally launched in the UK and we have a fantastic 9 minute video review showing a general overview of the PS4 UI and what features it offers at launch.

Sony has drastically revamped the PS4 UI compared to PS3, with everything polished and presented in a way that is very user-friendly and visually eye-catching. You’ll be able to cycle through your core games horizontally, but explore all other areas of the UI in much greater detail.

We love the zoomed in digital store section, although we have to say those digital prices are scary either way you look at it. The movie section looks fantastic, while the list of apps at launch are pleasing but could be better – no YouTube for example.

We’ve seen some early complaints from some who say the PS4 UI is a bit uninspiring, but we think it looks great. More updates will obviously be on the way soon to make it look even better.

Enjoy this quick preview of the UI and let us know how you are getting on with your own PS4 experiences.



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