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PS4 trailer from fan could teach Sony

Are you celebrating the Sony’s PS4 EU launch right now? If the answer is yes or you are just a fan of game trailers, we have something special for you to watch now. A video has been released showcasing the next-gen system, but the level of polish is so high that you may be expecting it to be from Sony themselves.

However, what we have in fact to show you is a fan made trailer, edited by YouTuber ‘TheMan3k’ who has done this all himself. Sony could well take a few pointers from the user as we’ve already seen a lot of feedback from gamers who are saying that this trailer is better than the official ones that Sony has released.

We see upcoming games such as DriveClub and Final Fantasy XV showcased, but also launch games such as Knack, Killzone, Battlefield 4 and the rest highlighted too. The choice of music appears to be spot on as well, and there’s no sign of dubstep which is amazing.

It’s fantastic what the community can conjure up if given the right tools. Enjoy this trailer as we look forward to the weekend and let us know what you think of it in terms of professionalism.



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