PS4 digital game price anger with Sony explanation

By Alan Ng - Nov 29, 2013

If you have just picked up your shiny new PS4 console in the UK, you are probably a bit mystified at Sony’s decision to sell PS4 digital games at extremely high prices. In most cases, all of the games that we’ve seen are well above the price that you would find the same game at a retail store.

In an era where Sony is supposedly trying to hype up digital gaming as the future of the PS4, this could be seen as a step backwards. We already saw overpriced digital games on the PS3 store and unfortunately it looks like Sony has continued this trend over with the PS4 as well.

Just a few days ago we mentioned that EA would be reducing the price of their digital games. However, it’s hardly a drastic change on the overall picture though – both first party games from Sony and all other third-party PS4 games are still overpriced on the store.

Sony has issued a statement to Eurogamer on this very subject, with Fergal Gara who is the PlayStation UK boss giving his thoughts on the matter. According to him though, one of the main reasons for the high digital prices, is that they actually don’t want to undermine retail.

They believe that by having high prices digitally, the retail side of the industry will still be healthy and help to keep high street stores open in the long run.

While we can obviously see the positive side of this, the fact of the matter is that paying over £50 for a digital game is far too much for the majority of new PS4 owners who will always pick up their games elsewhere if this continues.

Read what Sony has said in the link above and then give us your thoughts. Do you think something drastic needs to happen before Sony gets the message? Let us know if you have bought any games from the digital PS4 store.

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  • Deehan1888

    If the prices are set high so more people will buy from retail what is the point in selling them digitally at all?? It’s just pure greed from publishers as usual. This, along with pay-to-win microtransaction, is ruining gaming and it’s only going to get worse.

  • Kevin

    I will not buy from digital store till it comes down to about £20-£30 which I think is reasonable for a digital copy.
    It’s a load of crap about keeping game shops healthy they are just greedy.
    At least you can sell a physical copy after completing and get some money back