PS4 Asda, Tesco UK stock rush bewilders

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 29, 2013

One of the Product Reviews team took a quick trip hunting Sony PS4 stock at Tesco and Asda in the UK, although not only were they surprised but hundreds of other shoppers joined in the rush. At 5AM they visited one local Tesco Extra store in a rural area of Kent in the UK and found the rush for a next-generation console to be miles ahead of the PS3 day one launch.

This person had been at both Xbox 360 and PS3 releases that both saw around 12 units at this very Tesco store. In 2013, around 70 PS4 day one units were at Tesco in Broadstairs and they all sold out in a matter of minutes with people queuing since 7PM the day before. The local Asda didn’t have anywhere near those stock levels, but again they still had no PS4’s in stock.

We already knew that Tesco would offer midnight launch locations in over 150 stores, but the number of units at each store was expected to be much lower than 70. This reveals that Sony did a good job at offering PS4 stock, but also the demand for the next-generation machine is much higher than with the PS3 launch.

After contacting GAME UK, we were informed that phase 2 of PS4 stock will arrive 3 days after the official UK release date. This is good news for those of you that ordered back in August, but missed the day one launch window, so you can expect to get hands-on with the PS4 console still in the launch week if all goes to plan.

Keep connected to Product Reviews, as we will update our readers with UK stock for both Xbox One and PS4 over the coming days.

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  • clancy87

    by the looks of it GAME are crumbling under the pressure so many complaints on there facebook page its unreal. To be fair if people pre ordered you would assume GAME would tell sony how many people ordered, but it seems the case is its half pre ordered stock and half bundles that are way to expensive for what you get. better be careful or it will be the administration time again

  • xbox smash

    got mine last night best console ever

  • tommopne

    does this mean i can go and pick it up on Sunday/Monday

  • dave

    The demand for the PS4 is absolutely incredible not just in the UK but also worldwide, I think both Sony and Microsoft underestimated just how much pent-up demand there is for the next gen consoles from the existing 160 million PS3/X360 gamers out there in the world.