New GTA V DLC vs. PS4, Xbox One at Christmas

By Peter Chubb - Nov 29, 2013

It is almost December and Rockstar has yet to release Heists, which we assumed players of GTA V would be enjoying by now. They still say on their website coming soon, and so we can only hope they do mean soon. However, we know that there is still plenty to do in the game and there have also been hints of other content heading for the online version of the game.

These hints include the Online Casino and Prison, which we elaborated on a few days ago, as players have already come up with varies ideas for being in prison, and excited at the prospect of using more homemade weapons instead of moderns one. We have seen a huge reaction to both DLC on various forums, although we can’t rule out Casinos being part of the GTA Online Heists DLC.

Hearing about this latest rumor in regard to other DLC, some fans of Garand Theft Auto 5 have said, “what”s taking so long to bring new content out that was promised ages ago?”

Whereas others said “it’s better to for it to be late than full of bugs.” However, it’s the next comment that intrigued us because a former GTA V player had said, “who cares about Rockstar delaying Heists, I”ve stopped playing ever since I got my Xbox One just over a week ago.”

This has got us thinking, because we wonder if Rockstar was to release a new GTA V DLC in the next couple of weeks would it take you away from playing your PS4 or Xbox One over Christmas?

The problem is, the moment you start to play a next-gen console you will struggle to go back to playing games on your PS3 or Xbox 360, which could be bad news for Rockstar, unless they announce a release date for GTA V on the PS4 and Xbox One soon.

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    if rockstar was smart they would just put ALL DLC on hold n just make a next gen version release that version fix all the bugs AGAIN and THEN release DLC for all versions all consoles at the same time. i can say sincei got my p4 all i have played is battlefield…i check everyday if heists have been released…nothing ever…FUCK IT!

  • John

    Gta v game is dead. Rockstar killed it . Best thing to happen to gta is next gen and correct there mistakes.

  • John Ramsey

    We what about us guys who have just picked up our ps4? Is a backward comp ps3 patch not coming NOW SONY!

    • Arcendus

      There won’t be backward compatibility. Best thing we’ll be getting is the ability to “stream” PS3 games, which is coming early 2014.