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LG 24LN451B TV not 1080p, but value for money

If you are looking for a new television for the bedroom but don’t want to break the bank doing so, we may have a TV from a good brand to interest you. The LG 24LN451B TV is available this month with big savings, although you’ll have to contend with the TV not being able to offer full 1080p resolution.

Although we are now in an era where 4K TV is now the high-standard to opt for, consumers expect at the very least to buy a new TV with 1080p HD output. Unfortunately though, the LG 24LN451B LED TV only offers 720p, but does feature an LED backlit mode to improve picture viewing.

720p is also not the end of the world, especially if it’s just as a secondary TV as we mentioned above and more importantly – especially when you could pick up this TV for well under $200 from some retailers. Other LG 24LN451B TV specs include one HDMI port, PC connectivity and USB feature for those looking to view pictures and other media on the TV screen.

It’s clear that this is a budget TV model from LG, but is the lack of 1080p a deal breaker even if it is under $200? You may do better saving your money and looking for a similar model with 1080p elsewhere. You can read one LG 24LN451B TV review here if you are really interested, but personally we recommend you check out this fantastic Emerson model which is far more worthwhile in our opinion.



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