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iPad Air vs. iPad mini with Retina display review

Both the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina, which is the 2nd generation were released this month, and we knew the moment Apple showcase their respective specs, sales of these two iOS tablets would be evenly matched over the busy shopping season.

We already know there is a buying decision dilemma, but thought we would take another look at what makes these tablets so different apart from their size, and also taking a fresh look at a new review or two for the iPad Air and iPad mini 2.

With the iPad Air having enjoyed a 12-day head-start because the release date for the Air was November 1st compared to November 12th for the new mini.

Now that both new tablets are on the market you might be wondering which iPad is for you because they are almost identical. Both iOS tablets have the same processor and RAM, and storage options. There could be a difference in performance, and so we will show you how they compare in both videos below.

iPad Air vs. iPad mini with Retina display

The iPad Air and iPad mini share the same Retina display technology and both have a resolution of 2048 × 1536, although the former has a 263 PPI and the latter 326 PPI. With this in mind, it would seem the mini 2 would have a crisper display.

However, with its larger screen the Air will have the advantage because of it being easier to use for typing, browsing and playing games. You can’t beat more screen real estate when it comes to playing games.

When it comes to choosing between the two you will have to decide if it is worth paying the extra price of the iPad Air just to gain 1.9 inches over the mini second generation.

You could still go for the iPad 4 because some stores still have stock, which means you will be paying a little less than the cost of the new iPad mini, although we believe this to be a wrong decision.

To help make your mind up we have two iPad Air vs. iPad mini with Retina display video reviews from YouTube for you to view below.



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