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Improved Halo 5 features is good news

When 343 Industries developed Halo 4 we knew that this was the first title of a trilogy, and as such knew that a Halo 5 release was going to happen. We have no clue as to its release date, but if we were to go by certain factors, then it might not be until 2015.

We say this because development of Halo 4 started in 2009 and took until 2012 to be released, and so working on the same assumption, we have another 2 years until Halo 5 is released – although the dev team could have started a while ago, or might not take as long as 3 years? However, Microsoft has hinted at a 2014 release, so we will just have to watch this space because they could be a little too optimistic. If it is next year, then we could see the first Halo 5 gameplay during E3.

Halo 5 news has been a bit sparse, although we did catch a glimpse of the new game during an Xbox One cinematic trailer earlier this year.

We do know for certain that features in Halo 5 will be improved on when compared to the previous version of the game, as Brad Welch, the design director at 343 Industries has been on Twitter and sharing bits of information to fans.

He has been engaging in conversation with Halo fans, which is nice to see. Welch has been discussing with the fans where Halo 4 went wring and how they can address those issues to make Halo 5 far better. All the tweets can be seen on OXM.



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