Apple TV hits best UK price today

If you were hoping that the Apple TV would have seen a refresh in October, then you know by now that this did not happen, although it will be interesting to see what happens in January, which was the last time the media device received an upgrade.

However, if you have been holding off your purchase until nearer Christmas, then we would advise you to move fast because the Apple TV hits its best UK price today. The usual price of £99 has now fallen to £84, a price drop of £15, which we have to say is one of the best deals Apple has.

We knew that Apple always reduces prices on some of its products at this time of the year, as it is a way to give something back, although we would like to see better savings.

Apple TV hits best UK price

Having said that, we know just by talking to a few colleagues that a price of just £84 for an Apple TV is very tempting and might just find its way under the tree for a loved one.

I’m also considering getting one for my wife because she just has a Sky box in her chill out room and so giving her access to even more content, such as a greater selection of movies, TV box sets and also Netflix would be a huge appeal for her – well she does need someone to go when I’m playing my games console.

The current Apple TV comes already installed with the latest iOS 7 update, and so gives you even more apps as standard, which has seen a positive review from owners.



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