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Xelio P900A-BK 9-inch tablet vs competition

If you are specifically looking for a cheap tablet to buy this month during the busy shopping period, then we have another tablet for you to consider. We have been keeping an eye on the very popular RCA 7-inch tablet, but one tablet that may also be a consumer favorite is the Xelio 9-inch tablet.

It seems as if cheap laptops are no longer the main focus as we have seen in previous years. Tablets are starting to take over and we have already seen immense popularity in models such as the RCA 7-inch Dual Core tablet as mentioned above, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, Apex 9-inch, Nextbook 7 and the Trio Stealth G2 tablet.

All of the models listed above should be available for well under $200 at retail stores so you can understand why consumers are getting excited. As we approach the weekend climax though, we have one last model for you to take a look at from Xelio.

The Xelio 9-inch tablet is another budget special and it features some decent specs for a very low price. These include a 9-inch display, a 1Ghz single-core processor, 512MB of RAM, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and 8GB of storage memory.

As you can see, these specs are nothing glamorous, but you are unlikely to care if you can pick up this tablet for well under $100. It’s going to be more than fine for the casual user who just wants to browse the internet and use simple apps such as Netflix and Skype.

Let us know if you are considering the Xelio 9-inch tablet or one of the other models listed above. Good luck finding the tablet that you are after.



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