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PS Plus PS4 free games, Contrast vs. RESOGUN

We have some great news for those that are already up and running with PS Plus on the new PS4. Sony may be asking for PS Plus as a mandatory requirement for online gaming, but you’ll soon realize that the service is well worth it – especially with Sony promising to throw in free PS4 games each month.

We’re pleased to say that Sony has now revealed what the first free games will be on the PS4 for December. Without further ado they are Contrast and Resogun – two very contrasting games indeed excuse the pun.

Sony are catering to two sets of fans with the free games, those that enjoy puzzle and exploration with Contrast, and those that grew up with arcade shooters in the R-Type and Gradius mould with Resogun. Both games look stunning in the graphic department and it’s great of Sony to offer two free games, when they could have easily just made one available.

Perhaps it’s to make up for the lack of DriveClub, which was originally meant to be the first free game for PS4 PS Plus before it received its delay. To give you an idea of what each game brings to the table, we have provided some very useful videos which show you Contrast and Resogun up close and personal.

Lovely art style for Contrast
Lovely art style for Contrast

We love puzzle solving games so we’re tempted to sway towards Contrast. Take a look at the beautiful art design below and you may just be tempted yourself as well. Meanwhile if you loved games such as Super Stardust HD on the PS3, then Resogun is probably a no-brainer for you.

Enjoy the clips and tell us what game takes your preference. Both are free anyway so enjoy Sony’s first taste of PS Plus on a next-gen system.



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