Pokemon X and Y shiny Mega Mawile with Masuda method

By Alan Ng - Nov 28, 2013

After giving you a treat earlier this week with a full completed Pokemon X and Y Pokedex, we now switch our attention back to shiny Pokemon. Another exciting catch has been made, this time with one lucky user managing to use the Masuda Method on Pokemon X and Y to score himself a shiny Mega Mawile.

If you have been trying to use the Masuda Method yourself to catch shiny Pokemon, you’ll know that the Masuda Method odds are extremely low. Having said that, many gamers are now saying that the chances of finding a shiny with the Masuda method have increased in Pokemon X and Y compared to previous games in the series.

Before we were seeing ridiculous rates of 1/1365 for a shiny Pokemon, but now those odds could have been slashed significantly to around 1/683.

Below we see one user who has applied the Masuda Method to pick up a shiny Mawile, who is also a Pokemon that can mega evolve into Mega Mawile to look even more amazing. The user is obviously delighted with the catch, but you can see why with such low odds when using the Masuda Method.

Have you been trying to catch shiny Pokemon in X and Y using this method? Tell us how you are getting on below.

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  • pokemaniac

    I’ve been chain breeding shinies with masuda method. It can take a VERY long time but it’s also something that can very easily be done with minimal attention. I watch cartoons or even read things online and just ride back and forth only occasionally looking at the screen to deposit pokemon and get more eggs. I now have a shiny flygon, duskull, horsea and sneasel. Anybody with the patience can do this. On average, hatching a shiny takes me about 14 boxes (filling 14 boxes in the pc of newborn pokemon before i get my shiny.) I’ve gotten pretty lucky as it can take much longer. I think tipping npcs increases the chances slightly. But if you don’t want to spend all week riding back and forth hatching eggs, don’t bother. (or one very very long day.)

  • Pyr0kat

    Hatched about 300 eggs so far using the mesuda method, and I’ve been hatching for about 5 days now. Hoping to get it by the end of the week!

  • Bidoof is GOD

    I’ve been breeding for about three weeks with still no luck for shiny -_-
    But I keep running into shiny Lampents in ghost friend safari 0_0
    But what I really want is a shiny eevee…

  • Pokemon X/Y is AMAZING!

    Only took me about 30-40 eggs to hatch a shiny Spearow! 🙂 Having trouble hatching any other shinies though…

  • Asuna Yūki

    Mega Mawile = Epic!

    Still no luck with hatching shiny eevee!
    I’m using Foreign eevee with destiny knot + native eevee with everstone!
    I am starting to think destiny knot + everstone is cancelling out the masuda method 🙁

    Been breeding for 3 days straight 🙁

  • annoyed trainer

    600 eggs later….. still no shiny…..