GTA V Prison vs. Casino DLC

There has been a lot of talk about the next GTA V DLC because most fans of the game demand that it be Heists for the online part of the game. However, we have reason to believe that there is even more to come first, which we discussed recently, and so it has opened up a whole new subject matter.

We say this because we have reason to believe that the next content update for GTA Online could include casinos, custom car racing and even a dirt track, possible for some sort of dog racing. This led us to the question asking what would you rather see Rockstar implement next, Heists or Casino in the next DLC?

However, we failed to realize that we could see both because you might have to pull a heist on a casino rather than going there to try to win your fortune.

The thing is, Rockstar did not put the casino there for nothing and so must surely have big plans for it, and so we just have to wait and see? With this in mind, we have to wonder if there will be a prison DLC for GTA V because it is just there begging to be taken advantage of?

How cool would it be to have some sort of prison break scenario because driving by it shows just how big it is and the potential it has. You could start off in prison and then plan your breakout, which could see you getting friendly with the known gangsters in the prison.

Some of our readers have given their GTA V DLC ideas in the past and said, “How awesome it would be to explore in the prison, as it’s huge.” We were even sent an email saying, “We could get to meet some of the famous gangs with a prison dlc, as we would never see them in the streets.”

We could even see some new weapons in this GTA V DLC, because we know you would have makeshift blades, pipes and other prison made weapons. As for a release date that is still up in the air, as we don’t even have a clue when Heists is coming, and we already know this is the next GTA DLC planned.

You have to admit there is a certain appeal here, so we would like to ask which of the two would you rather see next GTA V Prison or Casino DLC?



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