Fallout from GTA V event connection problems

By Peter Chubb - Nov 28, 2013

Last weekend GTA V players were asked to join a special Social Club Event Weekend for the online version of the game, and while it was met with huge excitement, in reality it didn’t go down too well with fans.

This was because there were technical difficulties with Vespucci Beach, and so had to be disabled. A few days on and the fallout from those connection problems for GTA V has led to Rcokstar having to make an announcement.

A fan asked Rockstar on their Support Twitter page if they would consider repeating Vespucci Beach Party event, and in the tweet you see below they pretty much hinted that it would make a return, although they never said a date.

GTA V event response

We should not be disappointed by no hint of a date because at least we know the event is going to happen, although we also know Heists is coming and look how much negative feedback its delay has caused.

GTA V connection issue

This isn’t the only issue that Rockstar has to deal with because some GTA V players have been seeing the error message “Online Service is Disabled” while taking photos in the campaign mode. You will see a reply from Rockstar on twitter (see above) that they are aware of this issue and the development team is working on a fix.

Have you had the same error message and would you like to see the GTA V Social Club Event Weekend return?

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  • Fred

    Perhaps R* is forgetting who their real customers are. Many publicly traded companies lose focus and start catering to Wall Street instead of their long-time, loyal customers. Take my advice R*, remember who your real customers are. Wall Street is NOT where your client base lives.