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Dell Inspiron 660s desktop specs with current configurations

One of our very first desktop computers was a Dell, and the reason for this was the ability to choose a configuration that best suited our needs. This is something that Dell has built its business around and even though they are no longer the big player in the computer market, it is funny how most computer makers now offer similar configuration options.

Dell has had to keep up with the times and even though the desktop computer is not as in demand as it once was, there is still a need, and so a very popular model is the Dell Inspiron 660s desktop. There are many reasons for this, but two of the main factors are its small form factor and secondly, cheap starting price.

However, as you may know the price is only a starting guide because the different main configurations for Dell Inspiron 660s desktop specs are basic and so in order to have one with more performance you’ll need to change those standard specifications.

Dell Inspiron 660s desktop choices

There is a choice of 6 Dell Inspiron 660s desktop models. The base model comes with a Intel Celeron Processor Dual Core, 4GB of RAM and 500GB hard drive and will cost $299.99. The 3rd Generation Intel Core i3 Processor with 4GB of RAM and 1TB hard drive costs $379.99.

Next we have the 3rd Generation Intel Core i5 Processor with 8GB of RAM and 1TB hard drive for $579.99. There are three other options with starting prices of $349.99, $399.99 and $449.99. However, there are still several upgrade options for each of these, which will increase their prices even further.

If you are considering purchasing a Dell Inspiron 660s desktop, then you should visit their website where you can find user reviews, or if you already have one, then you can download the manual and the latest drivers.



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