COD Ghosts 1.05 update problems following patch

There seems to be a lot fixed with the Call of Duty Ghosts 1.05 update and as normal, a number of gamers have raised existing and new problems after installing patch 1.05 on their PS3. Some issues remain and were not fixed in the latest update, so today we want to highlight a few of the issues being reported by players and also ask for gamer feedback.

We took a look at the requests for COD Ghosts 1.05 update and following that article a couple of days ago we reported that a PS4 patch went live in the form of v1.07. We can now also confirm that the COD Ghosts 1.05 PS3 patch has gone live since our articles, but some problems still remain in multiplayer that some people claim is not related to lag or connection issues.


One Product Reviews reader installed the update and then had this to say, “The major problem for me is the sound of enemy weapons. They need to sound like real weapons and not some kind of a whistle, as it is stupid”. Another added, “The overall accuracy needs to improve and headshots are not working right. I also get really mad when the unable to join game session message comes up after inviting a friend, it’s just ridiculous”.

These comments are of course select opinions by those playing the game, but after looking through forums we can see a lot of gamers having similar problems. Others touch on “lagging experienced during matches” that’s due to non-dedicated servers being used and how they’re being operated. Others complain about “hackers messing up gameplay”, “a fix needed for cutscenes after audio cutting out when loading completes”, and finally we are hearing a number of gamers asking for more PC support.

Do you have problems after installing the COD Ghosts 1.05 patch, if so share what issues you have and if they were there before this update?



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