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BF4 Second Assault DLC map pack problems on Xbox One

We have been hands-on with Battlefield 4 on Xbox One since the launch last week and found the gameplay fantastic in both multiplayer and single player, but it now seems like a few issues have taken place after some gamers try and download the BF4 Second Assault DLC on Xbox One. The error takes place for those that have purchased Battlefield Premium, according to user reports.

Most of Product Reviews readers will know that the BF4 DLC named Second Assault is exclusive to Xbox One for at least 11 days, so if you own a PS4 then you will get hands-on with the downloadable content after a slight delay. The content is free for Premium subscribers and the BF4 Second Assault DLC features some fine-tuned maps from BF3.

Those having problems explain that after connecting to the in-game store, they see “NULL DATA” when clicking on the BF4 Second Assault map pack. This seems to be an issue only stopping Premium subscribers from downloading, and it basically looks like some information is missing from a database targeting these Premium members. This is why they see NULL where the map pack should be listed, where the description should be and also the price is listed as empty. The data is simply missing for these gamers.

You can expect these issues to be fixed by Microsoft or EA very shortly, but for now it must be a pain for gamers that paid to get this content on time and early. You only need to look at popular forums to see a lot of Battlefield 4 players with an Xbox One complaining about these problems with downloading the Second Assault DLC.

What makes the issue worse is the response some got from official channels, can you believe a few were told that they couldn’t download the BF4 Second Assault DLC pack until next week? They were informed that a fix would arrive then, although this is not true and a spokesperson said it will be fixed sooner than next week.

Once the problems are fixed we will let you know, so for now leave a comment if you cannot download the BF4 Second Assault DLC and have Premium.

Image thanks to Eurogamer.



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