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Battlefield 4 ultimate test with PS Vita Remote Play

At the start of the month, we gave you a taster of how Battlefield 4 could run on the PS Vita when hooked up to the PS4 via Remote Play. At the time we called it amazing, but now we have something better – a Remote Play test showing how the PS Vita could handle an online Battlefield 4 match at various distances away from the PS4 system.

You won’t need us to remind you how impressive Remote Play is on the PS Vita. Sony was hyping up the feature prior to launch and we can definitely say that the company has delivered. Below, we’ve got a fantastic video for you to watch, letting you see how an online Battlefield match plays at varying distances.

At one point the match disconnects, but this is quickly sorted out once the user backs up a few steps and is instantly able to carry on where he left off. We were initially skeptical on whether you could actually play online matches using Remote Play, but after testing we can tell you that it’s definitely possible on WiFi.

Check it out for yourself and let us know if you have already tried playing online via your PS Vita and Remote Play. Don’t forget to check out Remote Play running with NBA 2K14 here and COD Ghosts here and here.



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