Avengers Alliance Spec Ops 15, PVP 13 with Agent Venom

By Alan Ng - Nov 28, 2013

We have a treat for Avengers Alliance players now, as we can reveal who the next new heroes will be for Specs Ops 15 and also for PVP Season 13. At the moment, players are working their way through Season 2 Chapter 3 which has just been released, but good things are on the way soon.

Without further ado, we can tell you that the next hero reward for PVP Season 13 will be none other than Agent Venom. This character has been a massive request for months, so it’s nice to see Playdom finally give in to demand.

You’ll have to finish in Adamantium league as usual to get a chance of getting him, but it will be worth it with developers Playdom also teasing fans by saying that he’s going to be a ‘monster’.

For the next Spec Ops 15 after the Thor 2 Dark World which is about to end, we can reveal the next hero as well. It’s going to be Nico Minoru, who is also known as Sister Grimm. She is probably unknown to most of you, but is a magic-based character who uses abilities with her Staff of One – time to start doing your research.


So there we have it. Well done to Playdom to adding some more obscure characters to the game to mix it up. It still doesn’t excuse some of the terrible bugs in the game though and also selling $15 premium items which are broken – The GG Prototype being one of the most popular victims with Playdom lying to gamers about adding an Internal Bleeding effect to the weapon.

Are you excited about Agent Venom and Nico Minoru coming to the game? Give us your reaction below.

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  • Rachel McCall

    I was a huge fan of Runaways, so I’m really excited to see Nico joining the game.

  • Shion SinX

    Im on of the numerous players affected by those bugged gold weapons; in my case, the Radian Cannon. When they added Cosmic Cardinal it looked like a beastly combo, in the end you counter just one per round.

    • NgTurbo

      I know about this exact issue as well… unfortunately. Playdom are hoping that their customers forget about the Radian Cannon countering multiple times before the re-release. I’ve also noticed that the agent sometimes doesn’t get cosmic energy stacks after following up with the Cardinal.