Asus Transformer T100 tablet vs. Surface 2 review

By Peter Chubb - Nov 28, 2013

Having already looked at a hybrid laptop we thought you would like to see how two similar type models would compare against each other, and so the two products that we will be looking at are the Asus Transformer Book T100 tablet and the Microsoft Surface 2.

These are two very different Windows 8.1 tablets because they approach things in a different way, such as the software, as one is full on Windows, whereas the other is the RT version. They both look rather similar and their prices are comparable as well.

The best way to see how these two tablets compare is with a Asus Transformer Book T100 tablet vs. Microsoft Surface 2 review video, and we just so happen to have embedded one for you below.

Asus Transformer T100 tablet vs. Surface 2

We always enjoy ‪MobileTechReview videos because they are always helpful and seem to clear up a lot of those questions you have been asking. If you have been struggling to decide between the two, then no doubt after watching the first video below you would have been able to reach a decision.

However, if you find that you already know so much about the Surface 2 and would rather learn more about the specs and features of the rival device, then we have another Asus Transformer Book T100 tablet review for readers to look at in a second video below.

Now that you know more about these two tablets, which of the two will you be getting?

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  • moongod

    For a Gr. 6 student, which is better?

  • Mona

    You said ASUS has office and you don’t have to purchase. But I talked to an ASUS rep and they said on their website under support under specifications, you only get a 90 day trial for office 365 and then you can purchase office after? Does that make the price worse or better abide you have to add on the office price?

    • Fulaman1984

      That’s not true, it does have a free version of office. You get it when you buy the tablet. Just because you spoke to an incompetent employee does not mean the information here is wrong.
      Posted from my Transformer Book T100

    • musicman

      each models is different. some come with 1 year of office 365, and some come with Microsoft office 2013 home & student.

  • sjssjs

    Two excellent reviews.

    I haven’t bought a Windows device in a long time, but I’d consider the T100, assuming the hardware defects get fixed.

    My only questions are: Do you not need to buy anti-virus protection for the Surface RT? If not, then shouldn’t that factored into the price comparison — the cost of anti-virus protection over the life of the T100?

    • Fulaman1984

      Very good question. The T100 comes with Windows Defender which as you know replaced Windows Security Essentials. It is every bit as good as McAfee but with a much faster UI. I don’t know if RT needs virus protection.
      I’m enjoying my T100.