Apple MacBook Pro Retina vs. Dell XPS 15: Haswell review

By Peter Chubb - Nov 28, 2013

It took the best part of 5 or so months before introduced the Haswell chip to the MacBook Pro after Intel had made it available, and before then the likes of the MacBook Air and the Dell XPS 15 took advantage of the extra performance and battery life increase.

However, not one to be left behind Apple has brought a new version of the 4th generation chip to some of its MacBook Pro range with its release date last month.

To see how well the Apple MacBook Pro Retina and its rival the Dell XPS 15 with Haswell compares to each other, we thought you would like to see them in a 2013 video review shootout.

We had hoped to show you a comparison video of the two laptops, but the only two that appear on YouTube are in German. However, you can still look at two separate reviews and then take what you learn from each MacBook Pro Retina and Dell XPS 15 with Haswell review and then come to an informed decision as to which would be the better of the two, if you are not bothered about Windows or Mac that is.

Dell XPS 15 with Haswell

You might be interested to know that the price of the Apple MacBook Pro with Retina display and Dell XPS 15 are very similar, as well as comparable hardware, although the Dell does have a 3-hour battery life advantage.

Some of our readers have been asking why they see different model numbers of the MacBook Pro, such as MD212B/A and ME665, and from what we can see these are older models, the non Haswell version with Mountain Lion instead of Mavericks installed.

Back to the matter at hand, after watching both video reviews, will it be Apple or Dell who get your money?

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  • Lynn Edwards

    I bought my son the Dell XPS 15 for his bday – he loves it!

  • Martin Bouchard

    wow………. this is not the new dell xps 15 haswell in the “Dell XPS 15 mid 213 Review” why do you even put this video??

  • Al

    i went with macbook pro because the same ecosystem i use also work with apples

  • rick

    If it were just these two I’d have to go with the Dell. Have no want to buy into Apple’s eco-system.