Xbox One problems subtle when games crash

By Daniel Chubb - Nov 27, 2013

Some Xbox One problems might not be so obvious at first and this was certainly the case for games crashing in our hands-on since launch. We mentioned we had spent all weekend playing games on Xbox One when we published a first impression of Xbox One voice control, but what we didn’t state at the time was that a few games jumped back to the dashboard.

When you click the middle button on the Xbox One controller you can return to the dashboard really quickly and still see the game or app running in a window. This transition is really smooth, thanks to software enhancements and increased hardware specs like better memory, so if you jumped back to the dashboard you could easily think you did it by mistake. If you do this, then just click the window with your game running and you’ll be straight back into the game again.

Following our hands-on time with Xbox One this past weekend, we have seen a number of reports about Xbox One consoles crashing and certain games crashing. After looking at these news reports, it’s now obvious this is what happened to us over the weekend rather than user error with the buttons.

In fact, once you click back into the game you’ll notice that the game needs to reload on many occasions and this separates a crash from just jumping out of the window on purpose.


After experiencing the above, it confirms that some Xbox One problems will be very subtle especially with games crashing. This might be seen as a good thing to not impact your experience too much, but in some cases it will be very annoying and certainly not welcomed in this way by causing some confusion about what happened.

The Xbox One games that crashed on us included FIFA 14, Dead Rising 3 and Battlefield 4. This might hint at the problem being Xbox One system software related and not necessarily related to the game and in need of an update, so we might need to wait until the next system software update.

Have you found some games or apps crashing to the Xbox One dashboard, and if so what games were they? It is interesting to see a lot of the gaming community having more faith in other consumers to help find a solution or temporary fix to this crash problem, rather than Microsoft.

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  • jesse

    Battlefield 4 is unplayable… and it’d double xp weekend wtf

  • Tim

    This might seem daft but Im gaming in my tiny sitting room (12′ X 12′) and on several occasions my Xbox One asks me to re connect the controller during the middle of a game (battlefield 4). When I hold the controller in my lap as I play or at the end of the game the game/Xbox bugs out to the home page. If I maintain line of sight to the Kinect it seems to cure the bugging out to the home page. It may be something, it may be nothing…

  • tom

    Haven’t had a single issue like that. Everything is running smooth. Only issues I had were with the hdmi cable causing video distortion and my xontroller sometimes doesent want to turn on. It’ll just flash (apparently its caused by the headset being plugged in while turning the controller on). Everything else has exceeded my expectations.

  • George Sumpner

    I can’t play my first game of the Season on Fifa 14, I can play every other mode without problems, but that sends it back to the dashboard every time.

    Forza, Ghosts and Killer Instinct are problem free. So that suggests it is a Fifa problem, rather than the system.

    One confirmed Xbox One problem is, sometimes, when I turn on the Xbox, I get no sound. I think this is related to the Beta version of the “Game Continue” feature, where it remembers where you were in a game while in Standby. When turning on this option in the settings, it did mention it was a beta and to use it with caution, so i assume it is just a bug that will be fixed before the final version.

    All in All though, i am very happy with the Xbox One, it hasn’t disappointed me in any way yet.

    • mahoneyville

      my forza 5 keeps kicking me out. it really bothers me haha

      • George Sumpner

        I haven’t had a problem with Forza yet.

        Fifa has now become unplayable, as i can’t even get to the main menu without it crashing.

        EA need to sort it out.