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Xbox One compatibility problems on Freeview, Sky and Virgin

Having already reported on several issues with the Xbox One, we would still like to point out that you have to be very unlucky in order to have a problem with your next-gen console from Microsoft.

We know there have been problems with the Xbox One disc drive, as well as consoles being bricked following the day one update. There is also a subtle crash of the console while playing certain games.

However, if that was not enough, there now seems to be Xbox One compatibility problems with the TV functions in the UK. It seems as though some British users are having issues when their Xbox One consoles are connected to certain set-top-boxes.

Those users are finding that when routing Freeview, Sky or Virgin boxes to the TV output through the Xbox One HDMI port they are experiencing juddering of images, which in some cases can become unwatchable.

One of the reasons for this is because the Xbox One runs at 60FPS by default, whereas the devices in the UK are set at 50Hz PAL. There are also other problems, such as lack of voice control when connected in this way, which you can read more about on The Guardian.



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