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Sony BDP-S3100 Smart WiFi Blu-ray player key specs

If you are looking for a technology gift that doesn’t cost an arm and leg, then the Sony BDP-S3100 Smart WiFi Blu-ray player features some key specs at a price that is just right for Christmas.

Popularity in standalone Blu-Ray players may be decreasing by the day with the emergence of next-gen gaming consoles such as the Xbox One and PS4, but those uninterested in gaming may still have one eye open for one of these players during the sales.

The Sony BDP-S3100 Smart WiFi Blu-ray player could be an ideal choice if you are looking for a new player, due to some very good specs. Notably, this Blu-Ray player has WiFi support meaning that you’ll be able to enjoy Blu-Ray discs that support interactive content requiring a connection.

Perhaps more importantly though, it also opens your television up if you don’t have a Smart TV, to the wonderful world of internet apps on demand. Some of these apps include the likes of Netflix, YouTube, LoveFilm and the very popular BBC iPlayer if you live in the UK.

For those wondering, this Blu-Ray player will also upscale your regular DVDs to 1080p, resulting in a much clearer picture as most new Blu-Ray players often will. For a full breakdown of Sony BDP-S3100 specs, visit this retailer listing for further information.

We’ve also picked out a review here if you want to see what other critics say about the device. Let us know if you still have a need for a standalone Blu-Ray player, or if you find them redundant with the arrival of next-gen consoles.



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