PS4 Vs Xbox One build price reveals Kinect excess

Earlier on this month we informed you about the actual cost of the Sony PS4 console after a teardown analyzed each individual component. Now, we’re pleased to say that the same treatment has been given to Microsoft’s Xbox One and we can reveal the actual price of the console from parts built.

To recap, a PS4 teardown revealed that Sony spends $381 to make each PS4, meaning that they just have a profit margin of $18 on each console. Having said that, this is more economical for the company after they were making a significant loss on each PS3.

Now, we can bring you details on how the Xbox One fairs. All Things Digital have once again managed to received the first information on IHS’s Xbox One teardown – the same research firm that brought us the first information on the PS4 costs.

According to their findings, we can reveal that the Xbox One costs $471 to build. That means that like Sony, Microsoft will only receive a small profit margin of $28 from each console. The big finding though is that it is the mandatory Kinect sensor that makes up the biggest cost of the console, with the report stating that Microsoft spends $75 on every Kinect for manufacturing costs.

Other interesting costs include the Xbox One controller at $15 and the headset at an apparent $10. You can read the full report over at All Things D for the exact breakdown.

What is your reaction to Microsoft spending $75 on every Kinect, the camera that essentially is the sole reason why the Xbox One is $100 more expensive than the PS4 at launch?



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