PS4 has voice controls like Kinect too

By Alan Ng - Nov 27, 2013

We all know that one of the biggest features of the Xbox One console, is the ability to shout out voice commands to Kinect, such as ‘Xbox, go home’. What you may not be aware of though, is that the PS4 also has this functionality built into the interface and we have a quick heads-up on how it works.

There will be two ways to give commands to your PS4 via voice – either by using the PS4 camera, or by using the in-ear headset that comes free with every console. Sony has released a short video giving you a run through of how it works, including saying ‘Home’ to go back to the homescreen.

You can also take a screenshot during any game by saying ‘Take Screenshot’ and simply call out the name of any game on the homescreen to cycle through before saying ‘start’ to start playing that selected title. Sony hasn’t made a big fanfare about this feature, but you’ll see that it is more than capable.

Did you know that voice controls were available on the PS4, or were you under the assumption that it was an Xbox One feature only?

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  • GMAN

    Thats actually pretty cool might be a positive that it isnt as in depth saw a post on another forum where an xb one user was getting pissed because his roommate kept saying xbox off and it would just shutdown

  • Will

    Doesn’t match kinect in depth. But still has the basics covered.