New GTA V DLC with online casinos, custom car racing

GTA V players have been enjoying the recent Beach Bum update, and while it didn’t bring the one feature that so many fans had been hoping for, audio files taken from the update could shine a light on other activities headed to the online version of the game.

It is no secret that Heists is wanted by most GTA Online players, but not all of them are bothered because the delay gives them something to look forward to, as well as forces them to do other things within the online version of Grand Theft Auto.

A NeoGAF member has been playing close attention to what one of the characters from GTA V said because he can be heard talking about a few activities; these are casinos, custom car racing as well as a new indoor off-road dirt track.

Martin Madrazo, Brucie and Lester can clearly be heard talking about these subjects mentioned above and while we have no clue if it applies to the online version or the single-player part of GTA V, we have to wonder it will be part of the next update?

If you listen to the video below you will hear these three characters talk about the casinos, custom car racing and the other activity.

Considering the game has a racetrack and also the reference to the casino, it does seem to point to a gambling ecosystem within GTA Online. And who knows, there could even be a casino heist as well?



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