Minecraft: Xbox One Edition news update won’t be long

By Peter Chubb - Nov 27, 2013

News on the Minecraft: Xbox One Edition has been a little scarce of late, although this will change very soon because we are told that it “won’t be long” before the developer is ready to share new information to fans.

Microsoft’s Roger Carpenter, has been speaking about 4J Studios next-gen version of Minecraft and said they are currently working on some cool features, which they are now trying to incorporate into the upcoming game.

That is all Carpenter had to say about the upcoming Minecraft: Xbox One Edition release, and so we will just have to play the waiting game – just wonder if this will be released before GTA V Heists because both are wanted by fans of each franchise but know sign of a release date?

We are also told that we should expect some exciting new Minecraft: Xbox One Edition mash-ups like we have seen on the 360 version. Several ideas have been discussed by the team, and so we can’t wait to see what they have to offer once the game is released on Microsoft’s next generation console.

There is also talk about Minecraft: PS4 Edition, but surely the PS3 version would be the more popular choice at the moment?

Thanks to OXM.

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