Midland XTC280 1080p HD Action Camera

By Peter Chubb - Nov 27, 2013

Now is the best time of the year to get on your mountain bike, get all muddy by going off-track. Okay, it is nice to get on your bike during the summer months, but you don’t get to have much fun as you do in the autumn. However, what is the point of having fun when you cannot share the enjoyment, which is why you need to have a camera on you.

There is a choice available to you, such as the Midland XTC280 1080p HD Action Camera, which just so happens to not cost as much as you would think, just €180, which you can purchase here.

That’s not a lot to pay when you consider the fact that you will be able to capture some great moments on your own or while out riding with friends. See the camera in action below.

With the Midland XTC280 camera being of a light, slender design it will not take up much room wherever you mount it. And do not worry about going through mud or puddles because the waterproof housing included with the camera will keep it safe from the elements.

Midland XTC280 Camera

Some of the main Midland Action Cam XTC-280 features are 1080p recording, simply to use on, off recording switch, up to 3 hours of battery life, 130 degree wide-angle lens and 90 degree “Eagle-Eye” close ups.

If this model does not appeal to you, then videos of some of the higher range models can be seen here if you want something a bit better, although at a higher price.

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  • Outlaw

    I just tested out my new Midland XTC 280 Action Camera on my motorcycle. I wanted to film an entire ride, about 35 min, and when I down loaded the footage it broke it up into 4 different segments. I lost some footage I really wanted to have. Does anyone know why the camera, when turned on consistently, breaks up the footage? I wanted to film continuously but the camera decided on it’s own to stop and then start filming.

    • Gordon

      Ok I believe that this camera records in a max of 2 gig clips that is why it turns off and then back on. 2 gigs at 720p is about 26 mins and 1080p is about 22 mins. Hope this helps. Also make sure you are using good quality SD card high speed ones the cheap ones also have a problem recording longer time frames. SD card is Class 4 and above.