GTA V Heists Vs Casino gambling debated

By Alan Ng - Nov 27, 2013

While Rockstar continues to tease GTA V Heists as coming soon, it’s clear that the developer also has plans to offer other content to gamers as well as a preference. Earlier this week we told you about hints of the GTA V Casino possibly coming to life with new DLC.

Given the choice though, would you rather play Heists as your primary means of earning money, or would you actually be willing to leave it all down to luck instead and try your hand at the casino? It’s worth pointing out that a casino already exists in the game, it’s just locked at the moment and you can’t go in.

Players had been wondering about this mystery for months, but we have a feeling that Rockstar may soon be opening the doors to GTA V gambling. At what expense though in terms of Heists? Is this another piece of content that is going to delay the most anticipated feature further or not?

The idea of gambling within GTA V is a debatable one, but obviously a very exciting one at the same time. Imagine being able to head in with some money you’ve just won on a race and then put it all down at once on a game of blackjack or roulette.

Having said that, players may abuse the system as well by just reloading their game everytime they don’t win at the casino – until they win. Whispers on the GTA V casino are now starting to happen as we approach the end of the year, but do you want to see it before Heists?

Give us your thoughts on how Rockstar may incorporate gambling into the game.

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  • Peddy

    if i had a choice between heists and gambling , i’d go with heists for sure !!! The heists really are the most anticipated feature for gta 5 online. at least for me it is. so it’s soo disappointing that rockstars cant get their things together. We are all waiting for heists to get out for months now and i really rhought it would be right in the game already when it came out. To come back to the topic , you can’t put heists aside with gambling. For me gambling in gta would be just a fun LITTLE feature i’d do once in a while but that’s it then , while the heists is such a huge part in my opinion
    over all i’d say rocktars pretty much screwed up (also for other reasons). don’t get me wrong ! is till like gta 5