Fallout 4 cast voice questioned

By Peter Chubb - Nov 27, 2013

The last few weeks have been silly season for Fallout 4 rumors, and the latest has to be the silliest yet. We say this because the latest rumor suggests a cast voice member will be that of Ben Affleck, who as we know is the new Batman.

Hype for Fallout 4 has moved up a gear since a site showing a countdown appeared on the Internet, and it now seems as if any rumor goes. There is not evidence to back this claim of Ben Affleck appearing as the voice to a character in Fallout 4, apart from a tweet that is.

We cannot even say for certain if Fallout 4 is even coming, even if there is a countdown on a website. The date is still up for debate because we would have assumed it would make a showing at Spike VGX, instead the countdown gets to zero in a few days time.

Bethesda hasn’t said anything about the website, but then again if it was fake then surely Bethesda would have distanced themselves from it?

The lack of them commenting can be taken that it is real rather than fake, but would you agree with that assumption?

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  • Union Jack

    Something to note is that whether this is real or not, Bethesda is getting publicity from this in the hugest of ways. I doubt they would full on distance themselves from this if it could help increase hype for the series. They undoubtedly will make another Fallout game, based on what Pete Hines said after Fallout 3 was made, it’s just a matter of when.