BoomChair WEB, BRK, HMR2 and Pulse

You are now the proud owner of a PS4 or Xbox One and now is the time that you need to start telling loved ones what gifts you would like for Christmas. The easy choice would be a new game, but what about something else to help compliment your next-gen console?

There are so many PS4 or Xbox One accessories to ask for, but one that could be ideal for you if you spend a lot of time in your room playing games is a BoomChair, and there are four models to consider.

These models are the BoomChair WEB, BRK, HMR2 and Pulse and all cater for different budgets because of their price variation, as well as specs.

Take the LumiSource BoomChair WEB, this might be the cheapest of the bunch, but it still helps to deliver a deep, rich sound to help improve your gaming experience. More details here.

LumiSource BoomChair WEB

BRK BoomChair is a little more expensive and you can see this clearly in its design because it not only offers more comfort, but can be folded down to take up less space when storing. Price and full specs can be seen here.

BRK BoomChair

The HMR2 BoomChair is wide where you sit and thinner for your back, which gives it a design like something you would expect to see on Star Trek. To learn more visit the official BoomChair website.

Our favorite of the four is the Pulse BoomChair because it has such a funky design. This model also comes with the best features, although it is also one of the most expensive, which you can read about here.



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