Avengers Alliance problems with Combat Validation Error

We have a heads-up for Avengers Alliance players now, especially those that are playing regularly with the release of Season 2, Chapter 3 just hours ago. We’ve discovered a pretty serious bug that prevents story mode from being played with some characters.

Developers Playdom are in a league of their own it seems when it comes to releasing new content in a broken state. Time and time again we hear complaints about certain aspects of the game not working, with bugs that have been present for months without attention.

With the release of Chapter 3, we’ve discovered that the Avengers Alliance Combat Validation Error is back in a big way. If you attempt to do a battle with Heimdall, you’ll notice that you can’t continue and each battle will result in an error every single time.

Unsurprisingly, we’ve heard nothing from the developer to suggest that this problem is going to be fixed before the next update, which usually occurs on Friday. At the moment though, players will simply have to avoid using Heimdall in Season 2 if they want to progress through the tasks and unlock the new Daredevil costume.

Are you having problems with this issue or not? Let us know in the comment section below.



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