Acer X401A-BCL0705Y laptop is thin and light

By Peter Chubb - Nov 27, 2013

The Acer X401A-BCL0705Y laptop is certainly not one of the latest releases from the computer brand, but moving towards the holiday shopping period in late 2013 it will be one of the better options for a gift if you want something a little cheaper thanks to it aging a little.

One thing that makes the Acer X401A-BCL0705Y laptop stand out in the crowd is not its specs but rather its design, as it comes in a choice of colors, such as black, silver, pink and more.

That’s not all, the laptop is also thin and light, which makes this a perfect laptop for those of you on the go all the time, such as students. However, just remember that the Acer X401A-BCL0705Y specs are not going to perform demanding tasks, but then what would you expect for price, which can currently be purchased for around $300 if you search around.

Acer X401A-BCL0705Y laptop

Speaking of those specs, you get a 14-inch screen, 1.8GHz Intel Celeron 1000M processor, 4GB of RAM, 320GB hard drive, and UMA graphics. You can see that the hardware is pretty basic, but then this is a slightly older model.

There are plenty of ASUS Black 14.0″ Satellite X401A-BCL0705Y laptop reviews all over the Internet, and we can see it is loved by most of those who currently own one. It does everything users ask of it, although many of them were not aware it had no CD drive.

If you are considering this old, yet still capable laptop, then we would suggest you watch the Acer X401A-BCL0705Y review video below first.

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    I got this laptop about 3 weeks ago, and I can honestly say that it is awesome. When buying a laptop, people should be in mind that they should choose one that is perfect for what they need, and when people don’t keep that in mind they can end up with something that they do not like/want. After running up info on the specs constantly, I decided that I should take the chance and buy it despite what others said about it. But I think the best thing when buying it is to buy it in the store. You can check out the floor model and see if you really like it. What I do on my laptop is light gaming and school work. Before buying it, I was weary about the graphics not being good enough to run my game Mabinogi, but it was able to run it at full fps and the graphics look GREAT. I would refer this laptop to anyone that needs to get work done, anyone that likes to lightly game, or anyone that just needs something simply, but great!