PS4 Ultimate Bundle with shockingly high price

By Alan Ng - Nov 26, 2013

Over we weekend we told you about Sony’s plans to offer a PS4 Ultimate Bundle, consisting of a dream package containing a PS4 and PS Vita system in a single box. At the time we said that $500 would be an ideal price, but one retailer in the UK is threatening to spoil the hype with an Ultimate Bundle of their own.

It’s no secret that many consumers are now looking for a PS4 + PS Vita bundle as the ideal gift this year. With the PS4 costing $399 in the US and £349 in the UK, consumers will not want to spend over $500 or £500 for the added PS Vita system thrown in.

Bundles usually mean a much lower price for the consumer and an overall incentive to buy over the standalone console. Tell that to UK retailer GAME though, who now have plans to offer a £600 PS4 Ultimate Bundle to anyone who is willing to splash the cash.

£600 is obviously a lot of money and it’s yet another example of why many gamers choose to buy their UK games from independent or other sellers. GAME’s £600 PS4 + PS Vita bundle has been confirmed on their website here and it includes the following items.

You’ll get a PS4 console with Knack and LEGO: Marvel Super Heroes. Then you’ll get a WiFi PS Vita console with digital download codes for LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway. There will also be a 16GB PS Vita memory card thrown in there as well, on top of the 14 day PS Plus trial for PS4 that comes with every console.

Although the free games are a nice bonus, is it still worth £600 to you? Usually we can never treat conversions seriously due to taxes, but that is a staggering $970 for reference purposes.

The good thing to note is that this isn’t an official PS4 Ultimate Bundle. Let’s hope that Sony gathers feedback and does the right thing for their community.

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  • Dominic Vinall-Smith

    That’s about £45 worth of savings – which isn’t a whole lot. GAME aren’t daft, they know that they can do those sorts of bundles because the amount of games make it look like a good deal. In fairness they’re including a 16gb memory card rather than an 4/8gb. That’s something I suppose.

  • LupineMP3j

    Wait, wait, wait.

    A console worth $399.
    A SECOND console worth $200.
    Two PS4 games AND two Vita games, one of which JUST came out ($200 retail).
    A 16gb memory card ($60)
    Two weeks of PlayStation plus (unpriced).

    That’s $859 worth of stuff. If it were $600, then OH YES. 600 pounds though, no way. You could buy all that stuff separately for less.

    Then again, the cost of the console in the UK in USD is $564.23 USD, so I’m not surprised.