PS4 PlayStation app with angry Android reviews

By Alan Ng - Nov 26, 2013

In preparation for the PS4 UK and Europe launch this Friday, we’re pleased to see that Sony has now released the PS4 PlayStation App on the iOS and Android stores ready for download. Unfortunately though, it appears that some users are not happy with the final product and we have already spotted some unsavory reviews over at the Google Play Store.

First things first, if you are about to buy the PS4 in UK or Europe – you should go ahead and download the official PS4 PlayStation App now, from the Google Play Store here and iTunes here.

The app will allow you to sign into your PS4 account and see what games your friends are playing. The big feature of the app though is the ability to make purchases on the go and then queue them up remotely so that your PS4 system at home downloads the content ready for you to play when you get home.

While this is a great feature, it is the interface and general usage of the app that users are not too happy about. Head to the Android reviews over at the Play Store to get an idea of what we’re talking about. There are many low-star reviews from users who are unhappy that the app redirects users to the browser when navigating, rather than performing all PlayStation tasks within the app itself.

Having said that, there’s still plenty of positive reviews from users who are enjoying the app. There’s some complaints that Sony may have rushed this app out for launch, but let’s hope that they take feedback on board and improve for the next update.

What are your experiences with the PS4 PlayStation app so far?

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  • Ryan

    I have an HTC one and after I got my ps4 I tried to set it up to connect to my PlayStation and the app can’t find it… My vita connected just fine and remote play and what not work on it but I can’t get the app to connect no matter what I try. I also hate that it redirects to my browser. I think that’s really stupid that it does that. If theyre that worried about the security of the app then there are plenty of ways to make sure that user logins and credit card info stay secured. Which should be done regardless. I live in the US if you haven’t guessed since I already have my ps4. I’m glad though that this article came up so others can be made aware and Sony can get off their assess and fix it.