PS4 midnight launch locations and stock for Asda

By Peter Chubb - Nov 26, 2013

It wasn’t that long ago when we were looking at the midnight release events for the PS4 in the US at stores like GameStop, and now it is the time for the UK and we have some great news for those of you who pre-ordered theirs from Asda, along with those who have not managed to.

There are 155 PS4 midnight launch locations for Asda stores, and the best news is that they all have stock, although the numbers will be limited. However, it’s better than nothing.

We’re told that Asda will only allow one PlayStation 4 per customer because of limited stock and these consist of the standard £349 PS4, the Knack bundle and Call of Duty Ghosts pack, which cost £379 and £385 respectively.

One has to wonder if Sony was doing a bit of scare mongering when they said if you have not managed to pre-order then chances of getting one before Christmas will be very slim?

If stock is limited, then we would advise you to get to these participating Asda stores as early as possible, although not sure if they will be happy with you hanging about in-store hours before midnight on Friday.

We do know that some Argos stores will have the PS4 on launch day, but we’d love to know if there will be any PS4 midnight launch stock at Tesco stores?

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  • mike

    Tesco are doin 3 bundles in shrewsbury a ea bundle any 2 ea games and console for 425 or ghosts bundle game console and 90 days of ps4 subscription or the knack bundle

  • Thomas McCulloch

    Tesco are doing the midnight launch. We got stock in today. 38 pre orders and another 40 more. This is one of the Dundee Scotland stores. However the communication given to the company was they have secured enough stock for all pre orders across UK.

  • Jude Odogwu

    Why haven’t Tesco detailed their launch plans? So annoying.