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PS4 1.51 firmware update release time

Earlier this month we offered you details in regard to the PS4 1.51 firmware update feature list, but at the time its release date for the US was unknown to us, until now. Sony has got the timing of this software update down to perfection because it will go live on Thanksgiving Day, which is this Thursday – although this doesn’t mean a thing to gamers in Europe.

According to a recent tweet the PS4 1.51 update release time on November 28th will be at lunchtime in the UK, which means you will be able to download the update ready and store it on a USB key.

This will allow you to be ready the moment you get your PlayStation 4 home after picking it up at midnight.

We would advise you not to download the PS4 1.50 firmware update because it would only mean you will have to update 1.51 after, which would be a complete waste of time.

The size of the PS4 1.51 firmware update is 300MB and if you have already downloaded the US version of this update, then Sony advise that you delete it and replace it with the EU version to avoid any issues with your console.



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