Mass Effect 4 characters hints story sequel, not prequel

By Peter Chubb - Nov 26, 2013

When Mass Effect 3 was released there was a huge amount negative reviews because of certain elements of the game, and as such some parts of the game had to be addressed. Many fans of the franchise were unhappy with the ending, which then led some of them to ponder what was next for the franchise, as it was not only a shock ending, but a confusing one for some as well.

News on Mass Effect 4 has been a little sparse over the past few months, so it is nice to see some sort of update, or rumor in this case. A Mass Effect 3 forum member would have you believe that he attended an event with another 20 people and gained inside knowledge of on the next installment of the game.

If we are to believe what the forum member learned then we might just know the new Mass Effect 4 characters, or races anyway at this point. There are said to be two, the “Arrogant” and “Ancient, Advanced, and Guardian” races.

The former are thin with skeletal features and have larger brown glowing eyes, whereas the latter could have smooth rocky or metallic bodies.

Mass Effect 4 character models were also seen, although no images have shown up online yet, although we are sure if this information is the real deal, then it won’t be long before we see some visual leaks.

As to the Mass Effect 4 story, we do not have an idea yet, but considering we have never seen these races before, then one could only assume that ME4 will be a sequel rather than a prequel.

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