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Kindle Fire HD 7 Vs iPad Mini in 15 minute review

Have you decided which new tablet to pick up this month during the frantic shopping period? We have been keeping you updated with all sorts of potential tablet options, but now we have a reminder that the Kindle Fire HD 7 is still a force to be reckoned with.

At the moment, Amazon are selling the Kindle Fire HDX as their premium tablet and a device that can offer ‘console quality’ graphics. However, many consumers are still interested in previous generation models, specifically the 7-inch model that comes with a 1.2 Ghz dual-core processor instead.

This is because retailers are starting to drop the price in a big way with the HDX now on the shelves. We think the previous generation version is still a fantastic option though, especially for those that want a casual experience and a much cheaper alternative to the popular iPad Mini.

With this in mind, we have picked out a Kindle Fire HD 7 Vs iPad Mini review that we think you’ll find very useful. It is only 15 minutes in length, but provides an excellent comparison between the two models which should help you decide whether the Kindle Fire or iPad Mini is right for you.

Obviously it will come down to preference, but if you see the Kindle Fire HD 7 for less than $100 this month – surely that has got to be worth a closer look, compared to the $399 iPad Mini.

Take a look at this quick recap review and let us know if you are still interested in picking up an old Amazon Kindle Fire HD 7-inch.



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