GTA V Heists and Content Creator update imminent

By Peter Chubb - Nov 26, 2013

There has been a lot of anger towards Rockstar because GTA V and its online version were promised to get Heists a while ago now, and still its release remains elusive. We can understand why many of you will be angry, but wouldn’t it be better to release the feature when it is ready rather than rushing it out full of bugs?

The answer to that question is rather obvious, although we know many GTA Online players are not as interested in Heists as they are for the Content Creator and Capture the Flag. The reason for this is because it will add a completely new dimension to the game.

While we do not know the exact release date for GTA V Heists and the other DLC, we do know that the Grand Theft Auto 5 update should be imminent because on the Rockstar website it does state coming soon.

It’s hard to narrow down a specific date, but surely we are not talking months, as that isn’t coming soon to us?

We feel optimistic that Rockstar will give GTA Online players something extra to play with over Christmas and could therefore make Heists, Content Creator and Capture the Flag available before December 25th – who knows they might release it in unison with GTA V update 1.07?

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  • Patrick shallings


  • Patrick shallings

    I just want content Creator.

  • panda

    Who cares xbox one is out. Rockstar fell asleep on our piles of money and lost its chance. Good game turned to ash.

    • Darth Naga

      No-one cares XBOX one is out, especially those that still have plenty of games to play on the 360, so pipe down.

    • ScrogalDangus

      Name an Xbox One game as thoroughly good as GTA V. Hardware’s worthless without software.

  • Darrell Cole

    when i got my collectors edition copy of gta i found a big scratch in the art work on the metal case.

  • Kevin Vela

    What a trash article, you have no idea when its coming out, its not imminent. Thanks for misleading us all.

    • Rusty

      Have to agree this is a total crap article, not sure who this is but I can tell by the writing style that it is amateurish at best.

    • Bob

      Agreed, the argument “who wants an update that’s full of bugs” goes directly against the precedent Rockstar has created with GTA-O: Everything will fail upon launch and we just have to “be patient” as they learn how to do their job with each and every update. What makes the author think that the Heists are going to be different? Sounds to me like someone with corporate or financial interest chruned this B.S. out in order to try to divert the idiots’ attention.

  • Joe

    I just love how some people try to defend rockstar. The bottom line is this game has lots and lots of issues. Why are you even trying to defend a company that happily took your money and is still trying to make the game playable 2 months after its release? Stand up for yourself!

  • Rob

    In the “official rockstar GTA v online game play trailer” says we can do heists and create content, in reality that’s not true. To me to not to be able to do what the game play trailer says we can is simply Misrepresentation of product, which in the UK is a criminal offence. Also coming soon if anything like the stimulus package could be 6-8 weeks if not longer. Do bear in mind they supposedly spent 5 years to produce this game so in reality if the time to produce is correct and a full beta test has been done then really there should be only a few bugs with it. However that’s not the case as 10 weeks in ppl are still loosing progress, numerous crashes, being separated from friends when leaving mission and being pit all in different lobby, the list goes on. All in all a major letdown from the GTA franchise

    • Johnny Cage

      definitely shouldn’t have been shown in the trailers. if they don’t get me heists in the next 2 weeks this game can consider itself traded…I love it but ive accomplished all I can at the moment.

    • Josh

      It’s not a misrepresentation of product at all, their was no moment in the trailer which portrayed GTA V Content Creator or heists immediately therefore you cannot say it is a misrepresentation of product. I understand where you are coming from though

  • Sonya A. Willis

    Patience. Rockstar NEVER promised that heists and content creator would be available immediately. They said they would be adding content. They never specified what or when.

    • Chris

      Yes, they DID, before the game was released. Heists were to be made as soon as online came out. Also new jobs on a weekly basis. None of which happed.
      In the Beach Bum they promised us with 70 new jobs (instead we got 30 crappy activities, and I’ve only seen 10 of those), and 4 new weapons (got 2 crappy ones). This we saw on the in-game loading screen, and was eventually changed.
      Love the game, but has become dull. It doesn’t take long to rank-up and do all the missions. A game like this constantly need new things to do without becoming repetitive (in a boring way).

      • Chris

        Spell-check helps lol

    • Rob

      Watch the “Rockstar official GTA v online game play trailer” and then say it doesn’t say that we can do heists and create content. They don’t mention capture the flag which is because that was planned dlc for roll out AFTER online was rolled out. By being listed and shown in the “Official game play trailer” then it should be there. Remember on tv ads for games it will say “actual game play” or “not actual game play” so to have it shown in the “official game play trailer” gives the impression its included when in reality its not. That is misrepresentation of product, to mislead consumers to buy something which is not as advertised.

      • Sonya A. Willis

        That’s not what I said. I specifically watched the Online trailer again. They did not specify WHEN heists or content creator would be added. Really, go play something else if you lack the imagination to make up your own fun in the online world. I’ve watched Twitch TV footage and have seen people making up their own fun and having the time of their lives.

        Just stop whining all of the time!

  • AnthonyThatOneKid

    Dude-Man has a point. I’d rather have it ready for release than have it bugged to hell. Plus I like how we don’t get everything right then and there, keeps people interested and something to look forward to. Won’t get bored too quick.

    • Admir Karalic

      I got bored after the first two weeks of Online release, cause I had done mostly everything..

      • AnthonyThatOneKid

        I have to be honest I did as well. I played a few other games and then came back to this after the Beach Bum update. I find you won’t get as bored with it when you have good friends and a headset while playing. All about who you know, and I know some rather kick ass people.

        • Admir Karalic

          But even then, sometimes we get to the point where we’re all sitting there in the game, looking and shooting at each others. We even started our own unofficial game types, like Derbys with our favorite Vehicule even Helicopters. It’s just lame in my Opinion that we had to come to that point where we need to invent game types to still be hooked to the game. I remember GTA 4 where is was only good looking and damn I had so much fun, now they promis us Moutains of Content, but weeks after weeks after weeks far from the release date and even now we have no idea what’s coming next. I would love to have a Rockstar timeline to guide us and tell us when is what coming, so people would be able to get their minds clear and keep on doing other stuff while knowing that at that time pretty soon will come out let’s say Heists, nice now let’s move on something else etc etc… anyways, I love R* but on this one they kind of droped the ball. PC Gamers are waiting for the release and my Guess is we will not see a release before Next Gen get it too. Ouff –‘

  • Ex-Employee of Robbing R*

    Rockstars idea of “Coming Soon” can be “Months”. And your not going to like what they have in mind for later either.

  • me

    We paid for this it should be ready would you buy half a car

    • Admir Karalic

      FWD or RWD ? x)