COD Ghosts PS4 1.07 update shows IW effort

Just hours after we told you about some requested features for the forthcoming COD Ghosts 1.05 update, it has now been confirmed that Infinity Ward has gone live with the COD Ghosts 1.07 update for PS4 users. We may be seeing a frequent amount of updates since release, but it’s nice to see that the developers are showing a willingness to improve.

You can read through the request thread again here to see that not all COD Ghosts players are happy with the state of online multiplayer at the moment. However, Infinity Ward are trying their best to improve things it seems and PS4 owners can now go ahead and install the 1.07 update.

The 1.07 patch notes are already live as well, and are all detailed in full over on the COD website. One of the key fixes includes a performance improvement which was initially caused by spamming. There’s also a fix to the issue involving fixed loadouts appearing restricted on some occasions.

Read through the notes and tell us if your PS4 experience of COD Ghosts has improved. Are Infinity Ward ticking all of the boxes in your opinion, or is there major problems with the game?



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