COD Ghosts KEM Strike gameplay for pros

By Alan Ng - Nov 26, 2013

Have you played Call of Duty Ghosts online enough to already call yourself a pro? If you believe you have, then you may have got close to unlocking the COD Ghosts KEM Strike – the new reward for managing to rack up a 25 killstreak in an online match without dying.

We saw with the MOAB that Infinity Ward was a big fan of the 25 kill killstreak with Modern Warfare 3. Now we can see that they are bringing this back with the COD Ghosts K.E.M strike – with some significant differences.

Unlike the MOAB, the KEM strike won’t end the game. It will however kill all enemies on the map and grant your team with Double XP for the rest of the match and also an effect which will disable Killstreaks for a period of time.

If you are a good COD Ghosts player, you may get lucky and manage to achieve this in a match and be the envy of everyone on the server at the same time.

Take a look at some COD Ghosts KEM strike gameplay to see how it looks in-game, then tell us if you have managed to get one.

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  • Rakutich

    This is old news people have been putting KEM strike vids up on youtube for a while. some have gotten double KEM strike in a single game!

    • adiokido

      I know haha. I got two last night with the M-TarX and 2 in one game with the AK-12. I got one the first day it was out. surprised they just found out..(I’ve only gotten 6 or 7 :P)