COD Ghosts 1.05 update requests after 1.04 patch

By Alan Ng - Nov 26, 2013

As most of you are aware, Infinity Ward has now deployed the 1.04 patch update to PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and PC versions of Call of Duty Ghosts. However, not all players are happy with the update and are hoping that the next COD Ghosts 1.05 patch will meet their requests to make their online sessions much more bearable.

The most recent platform to receive the update was PS3, as you’ll see in the 1.04 PS3 update notes over at the official forum. This update is the same that initially reached PC and Xbox 360 versions and also the same update which we told you about here for PS4.

One feature that hasn’t been made available though which players want to see in 1.05, is a texture install option for PS3 gamers. Infinity Ward offered a hi-res texture pack for the PS4 version of the game, but there is no such option for PS3 yet.

Another big request for the COD Ghosts 1.05 update that wasn’t available at launch, is a theater mode. You only need to do a quick search via various social boards to see the massive demand for a COD Ghosts theater mode, especially when spectator mode in Battlefield 4 is already proving to be a massive hit.

If Infinity Ward can at least add those two features into the next update, it will go a long way into pleasing the community as they know that the developer is listening to fan feedback. We’re sure you have many other requests that you would like to see in the 1.05 update though, so let us know your ideas below.

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  • ghost

    They should think something to get rid of hackers, who already ruins the gameplay.

  • Darth Revan

    What do I want to see? More PC support. 🙁 especially an FoV slider.

  • cmatic

    It may not be a big issue to some players but for me I would really like to see the voice control option like what we had in mw3 it really hard hear call outs. I had the same mic for previous games and i didn’t have to problem so please no “your mic is shitty comments”.

  • Alex

    And we need that fix for the cutscenes – with the audio cutting out when loading completes. It keeps cutting out every 5 seconds or so, going completely silent for a few seconds, then it repeats. If I go alt-ctrl-del and it minimizes, the sound is still audible and it’s completely fine. I refuse to start the game until this is fixed. Oh, and yes, I have all drivers up-to-date, DirectX version is current (used webupdate to be sure) and all Windows updates are current. No other game/program exhibits any problems, only CoD Ghosts.

    • Darth Revan

      I’ve had that at random times with other CoD games, including CoD4, usually when recording.

  • Bryan Allen

    The lagging we experience during matches comes mainly from the non-dedicated servers being used and how they’re choosing to operate them. Which basically works like this. Sorry to those already understand this.
    When a match is in session, the server it’s playing on has to receive and process the input data coming in from each player at every given moment, including what they did and at what exact time they did it. The server also has to factor in their individual ping, or how long it takes for the data to be transferred from and to them. It then has to sync the information and determine when to send it out so that it reaches every player at the same time, compensating for the slowest player.
    Now since we’re talking non-dedicated servers, this means there are many other unrelated online games and processes it has to do. And usually they can handle it in a somewhat smooth and competent fashion, displaying minimal lag which mostly goes unnoticed. But it is the reason why some of us experience those, “WHAT??! NO WAY! I SHOT HIM!” moments…because his internet is slower than yours the match gets tailored to his speed. So if you’re lagging, it means someone in the game is running on a lot slower or worse connection than you, not vise versa. However, this is where Infinity Ward’s poor design really comes in. Unlike, Treyarch, they don’t allow console players to change their game conection search settings, so you’re gambling on the server picking a game that is best for your connection.
    All that being said, hopefully the soon to come dedicated servers will be designed well enough so that won’t be a relative issue.

    • golfnugget

      Your description is close, but your assessment of who benefits from lag compensation is not proven. There is no proof to show that the lag compensation favours the person with the higher ping. Try streaming Netflix while you are playing and see if it gives you an advantage – I’ve tried it just to dispute this point and it doesn’t work.

      • Bryan Allen

        I apologize. I was only assuming most everyone here has a good enough internet connection to where the actual bandwidth involved would only be a mute point in context to the said problem.

      • big dave

        streaming from Netflix will only make ping times more eratic if your bandwidth is saturated and you have no QOS in place. this will not prove the ‘lag comp’ conspiracy. without the ping bars in place on this latest incarnation, it is very difficult to determine what is going on. I do believe that this was intentional and Infinity ward have made no improvements to the game with this respect, its just a lot more difficult to prove now especially with the TTK.

      • Bryan Allen

        I wasn’t making a point about the bandwidth threshold, because it has nothing to do with the actual internet speed. A lot of people think, “oh, well my internet runs at 50Mbps, and yours is only runs at 5, so mine is clearly faster.” And this is a misconception that providers use to hook people into buying the overpriced 100mbps super deluxe gold plan. They throw big numbers around and claim it’s the best money can buy, and that you’ll destroy everyone in Call of Duty. Yeah that sounds great and all, but when it comes to gaming, the actual amount of data being transferred is all but relevant. It’s not about how much you can get, it’s about how fast you can get it. If you’re trying to get from point a to point b and all you’re carrying is a couple of books, then you want the Ferrari, not the 18-wheeler.

  • andy

    Erm 1.05 Update was released today around 3pm GMT. in Europe for PS3 lads.

  • Joseph Lan

    The one thing preventing me from buying this game… is the core gameplay itself. Many of the weapons are incredibly overpowered, including the MSBS (not to mention the semi-auto or burst-fire attachments which make all the rifles 2-shot kills in long range). Talk about no skill required; having such high-damage weapons makes it incredibly easy to get kills, and you feel no gratification or sense of skill at all when using them.

    Not to mention the lack of CTF or Hardpoint is a joke for competitive play. Blitz is an absolutely awful substitute in its current state.

    Fix the game first, before adding in features.

  • golfnugget

    Adding theater mode would be a step backwards for the game. Connection has been improved significantly over the past couple releases, and I believe the elimination of theater mode is not just a coincidence in solving the connection problem.

    • ed

      Noo. Have you heard of lag compensation ? obviously not. that is total bs i have a high speed connection (which USED to be a good thing) now having a slower connection is because my bulletss dont registar because of the BS lag compensation

      • golfnugget

        I’ve heard of lag compensation and I also have high speed internet, as does 99.9% of the population. High Speed doesn’t mean anything if you have a high Ping when connecting to the match. Lag compensation is noticeably better in Ghosts than it was in Blops 2 and MW3 and one of the key factors is that they have eliminated the Theater mode.

  • Shockwave240

    Still didn’t fix the problem to where I can do my Operations again

    • Bryan Allen

      I had the same problem. I got locked out of mine after I rerolled them a few times looking for a certain patch. But it somehow got magically fixed once I set up Ghosts on my PS4.

  • billy

    bring back HQ CTF Demo and Ground War and the game will be just as good as BO2

    • Dirta

      There is ground war, (on the PC).

  • OhShxcky-

    Some of the servers im on lagg really bad i dont know if its just me or the host or what but ive seen it happen to other people to. Can you fix the lagg

  • Cuylar

    Theater mode negatively affected the game’s frame rate. As did 4 player split screen. As did ground war. Thus… they are not in the current gen.

    • Bryan Allen

      Theater mode runs on a completely separate connection from the actual multiplayer aspect. I imagine they won’t have an update for it until sometime after the servers are up and running. And they’re probably waiting to release CTF, Demolition, Ground War, and other fast paced/large game modes because they know the amount of data processing needed would cause the borrowed servers to lose their ever loving minds, and eventually crash…equaling no more multiplayer for a while. Which would be frowned upon by more than just a handful of people.

      • Cuylar

        There is NOTHING true in your post.

        • Bryan Allen

          Oh, well then please enlighten me.

        • Cuylar

          1. There is no “completely separate connection from the actual multiplayer aspect” that theater mode runs on. It’s taking up resources from the game to run on the console.

          2. Servers are up and running. In fact, they had servers running on BO2 just to make sure they were ready.

          3. They are not “waiting to release” those game modes. They have no intention of adding them. Just like with SnD, they made different game modes and want people to use the new ones. Do you even follow @teanah on twiter? This was very clearly stated.

          4. The servers won’t have an issue with “extra processing” The same number of people are going to be online either way. The issue is with the consoles and the residential internet connections.

          5. the system is set up to run on Listen Servers (on a console in someone’s home) when the dedicated servers are not available…. so there will be no multiplayer mode missing for a while…

          Absolutely NOTHING you said was true.


    this game needs dedicated servers bad if they did that it would make a better exp….

    • Cuylar

      there ARE dedicated servers.