COD Ghosts 1.05 update requests after 1.04 patch

As most of you are aware, Infinity Ward has now deployed the 1.04 patch update to PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and PC versions of Call of Duty Ghosts. However, not all players are happy with the update and are hoping that the next COD Ghosts 1.05 patch will meet their requests to make their online sessions much more bearable.

The most recent platform to receive the update was PS3, as you’ll see in the 1.04 PS3 update notes over at the official forum. This update is the same that initially reached PC and Xbox 360 versions and also the same update which we told you about here for PS4.

One feature that hasn’t been made available though which players want to see in 1.05, is a texture install option for PS3 gamers. Infinity Ward offered a hi-res texture pack for the PS4 version of the game, but there is no such option for PS3 yet.

Another big request for the COD Ghosts 1.05 update that wasn’t available at launch, is a theater mode. You only need to do a quick search via various social boards to see the massive demand for a COD Ghosts theater mode, especially when spectator mode in Battlefield 4 is already proving to be a massive hit.

If Infinity Ward can at least add those two features into the next update, it will go a long way into pleasing the community as they know that the developer is listening to fan feedback. We’re sure you have many other requests that you would like to see in the 1.05 update though, so let us know your ideas below.

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