Battlefield 4 kills with helicopters and C4

You can always count on some great action from Battlefield 4, not only on the ground but in the air as well. We’ve seen some great kills with this game all over the Internet, as well as first hand while playing the game on the Xbox One. However, seeing a few Battlefield 4 kills in a helicopter against other helicopters with the aid of C4 is something that will fill you full of excitement.

We’ve not managed to do this our self yet, so just imagine how much we wanted to try it after watching the “Only in Battlefield 4: Surprise Package” video below.

The start of the video sees you right in the thick of the action with your helicopter coming under heavy fire. It looks as though your pilot is having a tough job evading the enemy, which means it’s time for something rather drastic.

That is where you come in, because you can actually throw some C4 out of the side window and wait for the enemy helicopter to fly in its path and then detonate it.

Seeing this is unbelievable because it’s like something you would see on Expendables. Is this the best helicopter takedown in Battlefield 4 yet?



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