Xbox One vs. Wii U lifetime sales proves failure

By Peter Chubb - Nov 25, 2013

Early sales of the Xbox One and PS4 are very impressive and show neck and neck, although you have to remember that Sony’s next-gen console has yet to be released in many countries. Either way, it will be a very close battle, which is more than we can say for the Wii U.

Let us first take a look at the Xbox One vs. Wii U sales in the UK. The Xbox One UK sales in 48 hours are almost 150,000, which is almost as much as the entire lifetime sales of the Wii U in the UK.

However, to put this into a greater perspective, worldwide Wii U lifetime sales are 3.91 million to date, which is compared to the Xbox One shifting more than 1 million units in its first day.

We have yet to see more up-to-date sales seeing as though the Xbox One was released on Friday, but it will not be long before Microsoft’s next generation console outsells the Wii U, even though Nintendo’s console has been on the market for a year now.

Surely this proves that the success Nintendo has with the original Wii was a fluke and that the Wii U lifetime sales has proven to be a failure because it has been unable to replicate that success.

A few months after the Wii U was launched there was still hope that sales would improve with the addition of new titles, but here we are a year on and things have not improved. And to add insult to injury these latest Xbox One and Wii U sales comparison are laughable.

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  • Bortly

    xbox1 and ps4 both suck unless all you play is 1st person shooters.

    • Admir Karalic

      I agree, there is no games currently on those Systems, and the WiiU is coming out of the Bush with a New Super Mario 3D. We want Fun, don’t forget I can still buy BF4 and CoD on PC and get a much larger and better experience, so why cash out for a console that can Remote Play on PS VITA or even XBOX ONE’s Kinect 2.0. We’ll have to wait untill these guys come up with Brilliant ideas like with Gen 2 and Gen 3. I miss old Jak and Daxter, but they seem like far away now and will never come back.

    • bonjovi

      Dead Rising, Forza, RYSE to name but a few? Pretty sure they ain’t FPS……

  • Sean


  • Moe Hunter

    Such a childish, narrow fanboy article. So, so bad. Why just why lool damn get a life loool

    • TalesOtaku21

      I noticed you didn’t really add any reasoning or logic to your post besides ensuring everyone knows you can’t spell correctly…and that you are butt hurt because the article practically bashed Xbox One for having shitty sales.

      • Moe Hunter

        Okaaaaaaay lol. Three.months later look at the charts now lol ha ha ha ha ha. Ha

  • Josh101

    Well, Sony launched in one territory, N.A. and sold over 1 million consoles. Microsoft launched in 13 countries and sold only 1 million. That’s 77,000 consoles per territory if you divide them all. Not impressive at all.

  • Paladinrja

    This was embarassing reading let alone the fact you should be ashamed to have written it.
    My sincerest desire would be that those whom don’t lable themselves gamers tell you exactly why the Wii was no fluke. Though I doubt you would listen, so earnest are some gamers particularily on PS & XBOX to win some percieved validation.
    This should be removed until the writer becomes more informed.
    30+yrs gaming and a Software & Systems engineer and this is the most embarassing thing I have read, which this year has been a ocean full of embrassing nonsense.

    • What?

      Why? The Wii U sux. The Wii was for those who don’t game much. But I still can’t see what is wrong with the article as it onlt dealt with measurable facts, taht is, official sales figures. The Wii was a fluke and was based around motion controlled games that were merely a gimmick and that is why it’s popularity has fallen away so dramtically. Kinect 2.0 sux in the same way and that is why PS4 will win the sales war in the long run. What I find embarrassing is that someone who has been gaming for 30yrs, much like myself, found the Wii to be anything but a gimmicky kids toy.

      • Paladinrja

        Lol contrarians with a concensus 😀

        Those 70% attachment rates on military FPS and nothing else..Guess who the casuals are?

        Enjoy your mobile phone with more RAM, requiring more power in a classical outdated system design. As a software & system engineer I could explain to you how wrong you are about Wii U, a system with 1GB of RAM simply to stop it racing off into the sunset with process before you could even blink – but it’d fall on deaf ears wouldn’t it?

        This is what happens when you buy into the hype. Whats embarassing is that can’t accept or appreciate everything gaming has to offer in an industry like never before with even more amazing systems yet to surface.

        PC, Wii U, Steam Machine in gen8 for me and I bet countless others. The result of you and those like you.

      • TalesOtaku21

        You don’t seem to understand how marketing works. Nintendo took quite a risk with the Wii, having no real idea if that sort of technology would take off. However, they heavily appealed to the casual market, which hit huge, because there are a ton more casual players than hardcore players whom already had their hearts set on the ‘cool systems’. Instead of directly competing with Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo took their own route and Wii systems were flying off the shelf. Not sure if you remember but you couldn’t even get one for years.

        I find it hard to believe you are over 30 years old, because your statements are incredibly ignorant and filled with fangasm (anti-fangasm?). The reason the Wii’s popularity has dropped is because the product’s life line has died. It happens to ALL products, which is why companies must continue making new products in order to survive. When the Wii started to decline in its life, Nintendo was in a tough spot. They had marketed to casuals for so long, they knew they couldn’t get away with it again. By now, casuals would not only be bored, but already have a Wii, so why get basically another Wii? This isn’t a cell phone market (which is basically a pissing contest to keep up with the ‘newest phones’ everyone else has). It’s same issue with phone apps, actually, casuals get bored with old games and want ‘new’ ones to become the new fad. Casuals, basically, are a finicky market.

        They attempted the Wii U, which is actually a pretty cool idea. However, it was far too soon for that kind of technology. Notice how the new gen systems are basically just ‘powerups’ of the current gen systems? It remains familiar territory while still [lies about] having incentive to purchase the products. Nintendo made the mistake of forecasting that the Wii U would continue the success of the Wii, yet waited too long after the Wii’s decline and pushed too soon a completely new form of technology. They also made it too expensive for people to care…casuals won’t spend that much. This is the same problem that harmed to PS3.

        The Kinect is really up to personal preference but it’s a nifty feature in of itself…if it would work right. Since the gaming world is moving away from ‘motion control’ I don’t see why they’d FORCE the system to have it. It’s a major turn off on the market.

        The problem with the PS4 is that it is only a gaming unit. It does…little else. Many gamers do like that, but it won’t attract many people who aren’t gamers and who like replacing one of their boxes with it.

        Course, it stands to reason that tables will turn if major games come out exclusively…when Super Smash Bros comes out on the Wii U, I wonder how tides will turn? It’ll be interesting to see.

    • GSystems

      Agreed…I couldn’t even get through it. Once there was a head to head comparison of two different items from truly different markets, I figured I would fast forward to the comments and await similar voices. Yup…thought so…

      So many things going on in the world (especially from a product standpoint), and this was the news… Hmmm…